Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alive and Dead again

Look who's back.Yes.Finally a new blogpost.

"Where have you been you son-of-a-gun?"

"Oh I know, you were 'busy' again weren't you? You don't have time for us."

"As if you don't get holidays in college."


Let's get over it already.
We all know by now how much you'll hate me.

These people are termed as "NAFS"
(Non Architecture Friends) by everyone in the college.
They are categorised by their inability to comprehend our busy schedule.


We have college on sundays a
nd the only holidays we get are fridays but we go to college to work for saturday anyway.
So we have no
I'm not complaining.
Ok maybe I am, a little bit.
But that's ok.

Let's see what's been happening since I've disappeared.
Yes, brief.

1) Archfest( our college festival) was fun to ridiculous extents.

We prepared for the festival for more than 2 weeks which included making posters,
decorating the place and site
revamping the floors.
Speaking of which, Nehaal and me got to paint half the 7th floor wall(banner) with whatever we want.

And obviously we did the most narcissistic thing possible.

We drew ourselves. As cartoon characters(
which was part of our architecture design project). Fighting each other. And a phoenix emerging from the clash of powers.

Thus preparing for archfest had as leaving for college at 8:30 AM and reaching home at 1 in the morning (because we still had lectures and we could work only after they were done).

Archfest was awesome.
The main theme was "The butterfly effect"

The first day ended with fresher's night.
was when the judges(5th year-ites) asked 10 shortlisted guys and girls each to do stuff on stage for the title of Mr. and Miss fresher.
I was one of the shortlisted.
And I was very obviously pathetic on stage.
As usual.

Awards went to
Farzan- Mr. Fresher
Ain(You might want to know what her real name is)- Miss Fresher
Nehaal- Assist. Mr. Fresher
Soumya- Assist. Miss Fresher

And every day had a special theme to it so we had to come dressed appropriately.
(The best of which was goth day)

We had seminars and workshops everyday(photography, yoga etcetc).

Heh, yoga. A senior was teaching us.
She's pretty amazing at it.
We nearly died laughing at our miserable attempts of trying out the positions.
Positions *snickers*.

The last day of archfest ha
d performances by everyone.
Our attempt at a rock performance went down the drain thanks to the terrible sound system.
Oh Ain was nicknamed "boom-boom" thanks to her *cough* dance performance*cough*
Don't ask.

2)I rock:
Independence Rock. 24th year.
Attended both days.
I have nothing to say except that it was pretty freakin' awesome.
It rained while we head-banged to the music.

Demonic resurrection at I Rock

3)Submissions: After archfest, the teachers seem to be cramming up as many submissions as possible. Harbingers of death they are.

Pictures from goth day(oh how I loved that day):

(L to R):Me, Farzan, Ain, Nehaal

Clockwise from left: Radhika, Rohit, Safi, Farzan, Nehaal, Ain, Irmeen, Me, Soumya, Xerxes

Me and Nehaal

Nehaal and Farzan Ain

Note: Picture courtesy to whomsoever concerned.

Thus ends the most uninterestingly composed and documentary-ish post in my blog.