Friday, August 21, 2009


At the time, my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves. ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Fight Club.
I watched the movie for the 2nd time.
Two days back.
At Niharika's place.
I need to get my hands on the book.

I haven't slept all day today.
I wasn't sleepy.
Though I stayed awake almost all night, last night.

I watched 3 movies today:

The hangover

In the specified order.
Loved them all.
For different reasons.

I also had 3 showers today.



Niharika calls.


We're still talking.
Both of us are sleepy but in utter denial of the fact.
The lights are turned off at both ends.
Drowsiness begins to be unbearable.
We fight on.
There is a battle to be won.
This is war.

[A while later]
Things start to fade.
Everything is blank.
I wake up.
I'm lying on my bed.
My cellphone is sandwiched between the pillow and my head.

Me: Hello?

Niharika: Wha-hello?

Me: Did we both just doze off while talking to each other?

Niharika: What? OHMYGOD we did! We both fell asleep at the exact same point of time!!

Me: It's 4:50 AM

Niharika: Oh my god. I don't even remember what we were talking about!

Me: Neither do I.This doesn't happen very often does it? To anyone.

Niharika: It doesn't!

Me: This is bloody awesome!

Niharika: It is!

Me: Bloody, AWESOME.

Then we were wide awake and talked until the break of dawn, which would be around 6 in the morning.

Me. Niharika Eranki. At "Candies".

I've finally managed to borrow "V for Vendetta" from Rohit.
Not the movie, the graphic novel.

There's lots more to say, but I'll save it for the next post.
My apologies for not posting stuff in quite a while.
I'm going to try to update sooner(read: less than a gap of almost a month) from next time on.

I need sleep now.
I need food too, but nevermind that.