Friday, August 21, 2009


At the time, my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves. ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Fight Club.
I watched the movie for the 2nd time.
Two days back.
At Niharika's place.
I need to get my hands on the book.

I haven't slept all day today.
I wasn't sleepy.
Though I stayed awake almost all night, last night.

I watched 3 movies today:

The hangover

In the specified order.
Loved them all.
For different reasons.

I also had 3 showers today.



Niharika calls.


We're still talking.
Both of us are sleepy but in utter denial of the fact.
The lights are turned off at both ends.
Drowsiness begins to be unbearable.
We fight on.
There is a battle to be won.
This is war.

[A while later]
Things start to fade.
Everything is blank.
I wake up.
I'm lying on my bed.
My cellphone is sandwiched between the pillow and my head.

Me: Hello?

Niharika: Wha-hello?

Me: Did we both just doze off while talking to each other?

Niharika: What? OHMYGOD we did! We both fell asleep at the exact same point of time!!

Me: It's 4:50 AM

Niharika: Oh my god. I don't even remember what we were talking about!

Me: Neither do I.This doesn't happen very often does it? To anyone.

Niharika: It doesn't!

Me: This is bloody awesome!

Niharika: It is!

Me: Bloody, AWESOME.

Then we were wide awake and talked until the break of dawn, which would be around 6 in the morning.

Me. Niharika Eranki. At "Candies".

I've finally managed to borrow "V for Vendetta" from Rohit.
Not the movie, the graphic novel.

There's lots more to say, but I'll save it for the next post.
My apologies for not posting stuff in quite a while.
I'm going to try to update sooner(read: less than a gap of almost a month) from next time on.

I need sleep now.
I need food too, but nevermind that.


sidd said...

umm... dude, who called?? u must hav lost shitloadsof balance..
it seems like ur having fun though..

sidd said...

^also, 1st comment...
yay me!

Anonymous said...

Great, after so many days. Watchmen,i didn't like it. The other two movies are good. And WHAT are you eating in the pic? I can't make out :\

Deeganto said...

@Siddhesh: She called.
But I called back halfway through.
Landline's there if I'm low on balance.

@Nikhil: Watchmen was alrightish.
I'm having chicken tikka roll.

AritrY said...

^It seemed like a hotdog to me though!
The it casting bengalies? =/

spend some more nights like this and you won't need to use the kohl pencil! :|

and, omg...ur so thin!! :P

and, this post remind me of those nights I used to have, chatting through sms and sometimes calls! i miss em!
these things are just BLOODY AWESOME!! enjoy this time.

and, Niharika looks cute. but she looks like blind in this pic.

take care :)

AritrY said...

*reminds =/

Deeganto said...

I don't think hangover has bongs in them.
Whatever gave you that idea?

Some more nights like this?
Almost ALL my nights are like this.

Yes, I'm thin.
I gorge on food and I'm thin.

She so does NOT look blind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,even i thought it was a hotdog

Anonymous said...

I envy you. My metabolism sucks. >_>

GodOwnsOnly said...

I say this is awesomeness alright!

AritrY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AritrY said...

I said "she looks like blind in this pic"
this pic???
opinions vary! :P
envy u? xcuse me, everyone keep telling me one bloody line "ur thin, u will get ill" <_<

and if thts like every night, then u will not need the kohl anymore soon! bachaat!! :P

and yea, there is a bong film named hangover! so i asked!!

Deeganto said...

@Nikhil: I know. x)

@Sapna: thank you : )

@Aritry: What I'm TRYING to say is that it's like this everynight since more than 2 years.
My eyes do NOT get affected and thus I have to depend on kohl.
Does that explain things?

AritrY said...

^^ur weird!

adrita das said...

so thats why you never have balance.

and the pic.
it looks like you're giving ur 'yeahimsosexae' stare.
and ur lips look like bradd pitts.

dear sarah, said...

oooh my god. your lips do look like bradd pitt's! is that a big red ring? if so it is pretty:) if not...then whhhhaaaaatthefuck is that?
haha for the security thing when i was going to post this, it wanted me to spell bowls. which reminded me of a drink called bawls. why would you name a drink bawls other than its funny?

Sia said...

Me and Abel do it all the time. And we're stupid enough to fight over it too. Damn. :P

Deeganto said...

@Adrita: Again, SHE called. :|
and there are things like LANDLINES.

I was actually giving my "whut?... o.0 " stare,
but it's interesting the way YOU interpreted it.
Says a lot about how you see things.
My lips only like like that because my mouth is full of food.

@Sarah: Noooo.. it's only in THIS picture because my mouth is full of food xD


It's a coral ring :p
When you said bowls I was reminded of bowels for some reason xD

Bawls xD
I've never heard of the drink.
People who name things have a weird sense of humour.

Deeganto said...

@Sia: you'll fall asleep and and get up at the same point of time?

ALL the time?

adrita das said...


i said 'it looks' like ur giving ur 'imsoosexae' stare.
not that you are.

haha brad pitt lips.

OMFG i just figured who you look like ..
arre that shitter guy from my building..the one i was talking about..
you havent seen him so let it be.

InnocentlyHarmed said...

- nice couple - . [/sarcasm]

dear sarah, said...

oh and btw, you have a pretty lady:)

sidd said...

^i knew someone was gonna say/assume that.. i just knew it...
@deeganto: RETALIATE!! Sectumsempra her ass..

yesyes i'm a dork and a proud one at that..

selena st.john said...

Haha. i liked the post... the falling asleep part has happened to me so many times, but mostly its me who falls asleep. :|

anyways. i loved hangover. did you know they're making an indian version of it ! :O

i didnt know v for vendetta was a graphic novel. i really want to see the movie.

selena st.john said...

Ps: i fed your frog. :D

what do you call it? where did ya get it from?

Deeganto said...

@Adrita: what shitter guy? xD

@Devina: xD

@Sarah: Why thank you :)

@Sidd: No no you've got it wrong this time.

@Selena St. John: Yeah I'm the one who falls asleep all the time. But THIS time it was different.
Yes Indian version >.>

And definitely watch the movie.
Also just click on the top left portion of the box in which the frog is present.

Aish! said...

Ohmygod, Hangover was like one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I did not like it. AT ALL. Talk about obscene.

On the other hand, Watchmen is pretty much amazing (:

Deeganto said...


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