Friday, March 26, 2010

Today (over again)

This morning brings a harlot of a light
The grinding, pan chewing, teeth
Of a million dukanwaalas
& pot-bellies & sweaty foreheads
Of the other zillion ruins.


Limpidus said...

So that was your blog post.
This reeks of a bad start of the day at your end.
Here, *loads of love*.

name - doesntmatter said...

harlots are nice xD
butnoreally *applause*

Deeganto said...

@Sapna: Snatches all of it.

@Abhijit: I toh know why you like harlots only.

Jacx'D said...


Deeganto said...

Disgusted, are we?

name - doesntmatter said...

heh harlots only sounds soo wrong.

Deeganto said...


AritrY said...

Amazing. Every moning should be like this (for you).
Missed your blog-not lying-bleh.

Vighnesh said...

Hail sweaty paan-walaahs!

Deeganto said...


Aish! said...

this is very very good.

Deeganto said...

^YOU'RE very good.

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