Friday, May 29, 2009


11:40 PM,
So here I was coming out of the lift on my floor, when there was this loud thud on the door beside.
I was startled for a second and the moment I lifted my foot to move ahead across the corridor to my flat there another loud thud.
then again.
Then from inside this kid's voice screamed in hindi "open the door! open the door!"
I stared at the door.
I was baffled about what to do.
I'm stupid, I know.
the shouting stopped.
I walked past and rang the bell to my flat.
I went back again.
No shouting or screaming this time.
I stared blankly.
I stood there for a while.
the child's voice echoed in my head.
I went back home.
I went back to comfort.


Pallavi said...

You know what Deeganto?If I were you, I'd have done the same. Sometimes our fear dominates our Kindess. Fear which is totally weird and unknown. Loud Mouths for sure are gonna say 'Dude! Why didn't you go to the kid?!' But they need to understand;Undergoing, Reading, and Speaking as heck lot of difference. I guess this is how it had to be. So, If you are regretting then get pumped up and make sure that next time, This post has a better and happy ending =]

NishiKa SriKaR!! said...

i wud hav " KHOLOD THE DARVAAZA" for d kid :|

Deeganto said...

^I know you would. Because you keep spare keys of your neighbors in your pockets.

@pallavi: I guess so.

GodOwnsOnly said...

Omg.:| I can relate to the kid.:|

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