Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I need Help

It's midnight now.
I need help.
I do.
It's hot.
Terribly hot.
The room door is closed.
So are the windows.
And the curtains are pulled. They always stay that way.
The windows are always closed.
It's midnight now and my clocks show 1:45 AM,12:51 AM,12:40 AM.
They always stay that way.
It's terribly hot.
I'm sitting here sweating.
The fan's off.
I like the silence.
But it's hot.
I like the silence.
I try to enjoy it.
The mosquitoes won't let me.
I think I hear a fly buzzing against the window.
It wants to get out.
Maybe I do too.
No, I don't.
I need help.
My eyes are burning.
I haven't slept properly in ages.
I don't have dreams.
I have nightmares.
Every single time.
It stays that way.
My feet are numbing.
It's the pain again.
It stays that way.
My head is reeling.
It stays that way.
I'm drowning.
It stays that way.
It stays


abhijit said...

swat the fly. immense temporary satisfaction. very kool. honest.

Lilith said...

I want to help you so bad..

GodOwnsOnly said...

it stays

Lovely ending, I tell you.

Ishan Gupta said...

It proves you are a jerk

Deeganto said...

@abhi: x) thanks. I would've swatted it but it was one of those big ones.
THAT would've left SOME remains which I don't want to see.

@Lilith: It's much better now, thanks x)

@sapna: thankyou. as always :)

@ishan: wait, who ARE you?
Oh riiiiiight, you're the guy who licks ink from leftovers of a pen that doesn't work.*applauds*

selena st.john said...

it must've been horrible.

i like the ending.
your posts are really scattered, but i like them :)

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