Thursday, July 30, 2009


Because I couldn't think of a more suitable title.
And because I haven't blogged in quite some time.
I've finally achieved a confirmed seat in Rizvi college of architecture(<--old news).
Oh and I love my class.
Most of them think I'm a freak owing to the fact that me and a friend of mine(read: Nehaal Gonzales) were laughing hysterically at apparently nothing at all for two whole days.

Oh what fun.

Today five people put kohl on their eyes after noticing the heavy dose on mine.
I'm starting a trend I tell yeh.
The laughing goths(?)

the entire group decides to play Truth and Dare

Me: I refuse to abide by rules of your steewpid conformist child play

Nehaal: Deeeaad baaabies oooooooh

Natasha: you guys talk like you're gay :|

Nehaal: It's not our fault you can't understand our elite gothic accent

Natasha: what? :|

Me : *laughs like a retard*

This constitutes most of my day.
Apart from sketching in class and making paper robots without using any sticking material.

Random incident:

In the bus, I ask the conductor to gimme the ticket to the last stop(which costs 5 bucks)

I handed him a 10 rupee note, following which he said something which sounded almost exactly like "nyeh grhrgl"

then he handed me the change and left.



.PaNdOrA said...


GodOwnsOnly said...

nyeh grhrgl.
it could be naye ghar?
or ney grrrrr!
or le marr!
or or
he might have burped while speaking something.

Laughing hysterically for no reason is a good thing. :D

Anonymous said...

Hmm..Rizvi.Good for you.

Desdemona.. said...

hahahahaha!...Btw...congo for rizvi!!

Jacx'D said...

omg! kohl??? naiiiceee!

adrita das said...

the laughing goths?
and the kohl lined eyes.yes,i remember that.

oh oh paper robots!
which dont work only.

i think the bus conductor was gargling.

sidd said...

Woah!! Rizvi... Congrats!?

Hehe... laughing goths...

Kohl? really? Cough *Gay* Cough

ooh.. ooh.. he could be saying "hey ghe"(Take this) very nasally in marathi....

Deeganto : *laughs like a retard*
just the laughs would have been sufficient...
I jst assume the retard part when talking about you.... XD XP

AritrY said...


but are u sure u were laughing like a retard only that day? :P

keep enjoying and setting some bullshit.. eg: "yeh"
thts sooooo oldy old!!

Deeganto said...

@sapna: burping maybe xD
@nik: yes, precisely.
@Ishiyetaa: thanks :)

@jacq: :P yes
@adrita: gargling on his saliva?
xD ewwwww

yes thank you
kohl means GAY to you?
wow, your awareness levels have hit an all time low.
Wait, that's like ALL the time.

and the retard part was important because you're not the only one reading my blog.

@aritry: no.
I laugh like a retard all the time.


sidd said...

That was the best you cud come up with?

sidd said...

^about the retort

adrita das said...

maybe the bus conductor was hitting on you.
and he was salivating.
and then gargling on his saliva.

you have an effect on men machado haha :)

kohl is not gay.
no its not.
kohl is mondo.

AritrY said...

i predicted tht....u shud laugh like a retard...its good tht u dont laugh in ur pics too! :P

Deeganto said...

@sid: lame retorts for lame comments.
strict policy.
Adrita agrees with me too.
I have broad minded people on my side.

@Adrita: machado?

@Aritry: it's good indeed.

Lilith said...

lmao :D
oh what fun you're having 8D

adrita das said...

i wear kohl too.
im not gay.

lol yeah machado.

Deeganto said...

I have chest hair.

adrita das said...

so do i.

ugh maybe not.

Destiny's child... said...

ahem...the post is very aptly named...not like you said about'not finding anything else'... congrats for getting a confirmed seat for architecture!
n yes, i like the look and feel of the blog...the header's cool! :)

Destiny's child... said...

n are the fishes! ;)

Deeganto said...

I'm going to mention the fish in my next blog.
The plural of fish is fish, not fishes.

and thank you.

adrita das said...


Destiny's child... said...

The plural of fish can be both fish and fishes...:)

Deeganto said...

"Fishes" is used to describe many diferent types of fish, in the biological sense. It is correct, but not if you just want to say "I caught three fishes yesterday." Then, you should use fish.

Destiny's child... said...

It is quite debatable actually. Some of the text books these days use 'fishes' as the plural of fish. In this case, where I said, 'so are the fishes...' it is correct, as you have red n white ones on your blog. Different species, you see...

those Kohl filled eyes . said...

i like da kohl in ur eyes.. n i luB dah fish pool in ur account :)

those Kohl filled eyes . said...

err da fishes make me stay real long in ur account. dah... :D

Deeganto said...

@Destiny's child: Different colours don't necessarily mean different species.
I think we both know the species was not what you were referring to when you first commented but nevermind.

@Shona(is that your name?): Thanks.
I know the fish pool is very addictive which is why EVERYONE is doing it now.

Anonymous said...

... Who IS this destiny's child?!

Deeganto said...

I don't know.

DontPatroniseMe said...

Your writing's really amusing, I love it! I'm gonna follow you. Blog again soon! X

those Kohl filled eyes . said...

yeah dats ma name... boohoo.. yea i knw it is.. i luv da fishes.. do they have names too? :)
oh n n tanks to ya.. nw i have a turtle i've been craving fo long..

well i liked ur pet lawriet too.. n n keep blogging.

those Kohl filled eyes . said...

oh n by da way. i neva mentioned ma name. how didya get it right ? 0_o

dear sarah, said...

interesting blog ya got there:)
made me laugh. kudos to you? haha
and i am going to assume kohl is eyeliner?
idk. im a silly american. what do i know?

Deeganto said...

@Rachel: Thanks so much I really appreciate it :)

@Shona: I'm clever xD
I think I'll get a tree frog now.

@Sarah(I'm assuming that's your name?): thank you.

Yes eyeliner.

those Kohl filled eyes . said...

dat sounds gud, den i'd b able to c some greens in ur blog.


clever eh, I got got it dis mornin in ma class.. i hab ma link to ma orkut profyl. :P

yeah n then i'd get a hamster :)

InnocentlyHarmed said...

Okay. This was funny. The kohl part. x-D

dear sarah, said...

yessirrr my name is sarah
and just to follow the kohl theme,
i use more than i probably should...
and yours looks very lovely on you:)
i love guyliner. not gay at all
well thats not very witty

Deeganto said...

@Shona: It's a black frog.

Oh that struck you soon.

@Devina: It was? YOU think it was?

@Sarah: Does it?
Thank you. :)

It suits you just fine it does.

dear sarah, said...

well thank you kind sir:) haha
and you have lovely hair as well
im just full of compliments today

Deeganto said...


Yes I noticed, thank you.
Feeling happy lately is it?

those Kohl filled eyes . said...

Yeah i did. :O

its black O_o

dear sarah, said...

umm yes i suppose:)
blogging does that to a person? haha

Deeganto said...

@Shona:Black frogs are nice.
I like black frogs.

@Sarah: Does it?
Maybe it does. :)

dear sarah, said...

judging by the smiley face i say yes

those Kohl filled eyes . said...

umm-hmm oh yeah..

I have never seen one. all i've seen r toads.

gr8 get one i'd c den.


weevil girl said...

saale kinne comments milte hain tereko. fangirlness hasnt subsided oneBITitseems.

Deeganto said...

@Sarah: Oh that's very clever. x)

@Shona: I already DID get one.

@Shriparna: Har har xP

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